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  Vertical storage tank  100l
Solar combination storage tank  
  Flat vessel Typ DUK 6
Flat vessel Typ CRF 8  
Winkelmann Sp. z o.o., Legnica, Polen

In various factories at Legnica, the Winkelmann Sp. z o.o. manufactures enamelled, indirectly heated hot water, solar and heat pump storage tanks for the heating and hot water supply industry as well as built-in pressure expansion vessels.
  • Enamelled, indirectly heated hot water storage tanks for
    up to 2,000 l (manufacture and sales: Factory 1)
  • Built-in pressure expansion vessels for the use in heating
    systems operated with gas or oil as well as heat pumps for 5 to 24 l (manufacture and sales: Factory 2)
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