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    Our company’s social and environmental responsibilities are increasingly coming to include our choice of business partner, in particular suppliers and service providers. The Winkelmann Group’s head of Strategic Procurement has therefore decreed that, in addition to price, quality and reliability of supply, environmental and social factors must also be taken into account when selecting suppliers.

    Since May 1, 2010, a Winkelmann Group Suppliers Code defines requirements which must be met by suppliers of goods, capital goods and services. The core points of the code are ethical conduct, respect for human rights, socially acceptable working conditions, adherence to environmental standards and the use of management systems.

    The principles set out in this code reflect the Winkelmann Group’s mission and are based on the following international conventions and standards:

    • The principles of the United Nations Global Compact
    • The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) guidelines for multinational enterprises
    • International Labour Organisation (ILO) agreements
    • The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Business Charter for Sustainable Development
    • SA 8000 (standard for socially responsible company management)

    The Winkelmann Group expects its suppliers to promote adherence to these principles in their own supply chains.

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